Born to promote the sport of upland hunting, Uplander stands for those who wander through the north woods following their flusher in search of the elusive grouse. For those who watch the sun rise across the open prairie as a pointer burns its heels off for the scent of a rooster. And for those who enjoy a cold one around a tail gate at the end of the day no matter the results.

We dream the sight of our dog slamming point, the thundering sound of wings beating into the air and the smell of burning gun powder. 
We dream of Chasing The Flush - We are Uplander's.

We take pride in our timeless tradition, conservation efforts and the next generation of Uplander's who will follow in our footsteps.

Whether you’re a veteran upland hunter, first time bird dog owner, or looking to get into the sport of upland hunting, Uplander is committed to promoting a lifestyle for like minded individuals who live for Chasing The Flush.