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Uplander Chronicles

  • A November Day Spent Ruffed Grouse Hunting in Northern Michigan

    Silence greeted me as the truck door opened. No vehicles in the distance, not a drop of wind and nothing more than the unknown of what the day may...
  • Carving an Upland Niche

    I’ve spent my upland career chasing whatever flies on the Palouse of southeast Washington and nearby Idaho. I’ve logged hundreds of miles, my sette...
  • Time, Birds and Faith - The Making of a Great Bird Dog

    A great bird dog takes 3 simple ingredients - No matter what your training regime and techniques are - Time, Birds and a little bit of Faith.
  • Game Bird Parm Meatball Skillet

    Looking for a different way to use up the game birds in your freezer? These cheesy, saucy and delicious meatballs are easy to make and will be a hi...
  • Anticipate The Flush - Reading Your Bird Dog When On Point

    Paying attention to the mannerisms of a dog while on point can can help the handler or hunter anticipate whats to come as they approach the dog.